Micro atomizer for stable aerosol concentrations via liquid-gas contact space

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Web Published: 2/6/2021

Sept. 28, 2020, update: This technology was exclusively licensed by CH Technologies.


A micro atomizer to produce stable aerosol concentrations having an aerosol mass median aerodynamic diameter (MMAD) of less than 10 microns with liquid flow rates in the microliter per minute range is provided. The micro atomizer includes a liquid channel in the shape of a thick-wall tube and a cap having an aerosol outlet orifice whereby a liquid-gas contact space is formed by the internal surface of the cap and the substantially flat end of the liquid channel. Pressurized carrier gas and the liquid to be aerosolized are allowed to come into contact within a precisely formed liquid-gas contact space. The desired aerosol characteristics are accurately established, stable, and reproducible. In an exemplary embodiment, the micro atomizer is used with a syringe and syringe drive to provide a continuous liquid source for aerosol generation.




  • Capable of generating aerosols at liquid flow rates in the microliter per minute range or lower in a reproducible and consistent manner
  • Materials arr substantially impermeable and nonreactive to the liquids and air or other carrier gasses
  • Numerous combinations of carrier gas flow rate, liquid feed, and carrier gas pressure can be used to tune MMAD and particle counts

The Opportunity

This technology was exclusively licensed by CH Technologies in 2020. It is no longer available.

U.S. Patent 8,882,085

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